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Redundancies in the context of Covid-19 - Webinar

Although Covid restrictions are gradually starting to lift, many employers are still feeling the impact of the pandemic on their business and are having to contemplate making redundancies.

The law on redundancies remains unchanged, but the circumstances in which employers are having to act – and make sure they are complying with the law – are different. In this webinar, we will consider how furlough, remote working and social distancing may affect the process you need to follow to implement redundancies and the ways in which you might need to adapt your normal practices to address the challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on our practical experience advising UK manufacturers, we will also provide top tips on how to handle potential Covid-19-related redundancy pitfalls in a way that minimises your legal risks and keeps the process on track. 

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  • About event 
  • Webinar taking place on 10 May 2021, 10am - 12pm

    On the live webinar, we will address a range of questions, including:

    • Is it unfair to dismiss employees as redundant while the furlough scheme remains in operation?
    • Can you carry out redundancy consultation (collective and/or individual) if affected employees, employee representatives, or managers running the process are on furlough, working from home, or off sick? 
    • How can you ensure that consultation is thorough and effective, given that some employees may still not be in the workplace? And can you bring those employees back into the workplace for the purposes of consultation? 
    • What’s the best way to ensure that affected employees in a collective redundancy have appropriate representatives? 
    • Can you rely on the “special circumstances” defence to shorten the time you must spend on collective consultation?
    • What logistical and practical issues will you need to bear in mind when setting your redundancy selection criteria? Will you still be able to include absence and performance criteria if employees have had periods of Covid-related absence or been on furlough? What are the particular discrimination risks when selecting employees in the current circumstances?
    •  Is the calculation of redundancy pay affected by an employee having been on furlough?
    • Can an employee be on notice and on furlough at the same time and does the giving of notice affect your ability to claim payments under the furlough scheme? 
    • Can notice, or a payment in lieu of notice, be paid at the furlough rate of pay?

    You will also have a chance to ask our presenters your own questions in a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. 

  • Who should attend?
  • This workshop is suitable for HR professionals and senior managers who may have responsibility for any part of a redundancy exercise.

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