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Successfully Managing Change

If you’re looking to make changes to the way your business operates our HR and employment law team are here to help and support you to plan and implement a successful change programme. Supporting you to: 

  • Confidently and decisively deliver positive change for your business
  • Engage and enthuse your workforce in the new ways of working
  • Deliver a change programme that avoids complexities and delays with a plan supported by an experienced practitioner and the support of the Make UK legal services team  

How we can help

Our suite of services have been developed by our practitioners with decades of experience of supporting organisations with change. Built to adapt to the many variables that affect the success of a change programme, you can build the right level of support and interventions to fit your needs.

  • Consultancy and one-to-one support – dedicated expertise to work with you on the developing, delivering or managing your programme.  
  • Training – our training programmes build the skills in your business that you will need throughout the change programme, covering training for leaders, those managing change, supervisors and people managers. 

Call 0808 158 5874 to discuss your needs.


  • Strategy - insight into your current organisational status and a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to deliver impactful changes in your organisation. 
  • Flexible working and statutory requests – introduce flexibility that benefits you and your workforce.
  • Home working – introduce homeworking arrangements that support business, public health and your workforce’s needs.
  • Shift design and implementation – design and implement shift patterns that support your business and operational needs.
  • Terms and conditions of employment – our experienced legal team will guide you through the process of changing contracts and employment T&Cs.
  • Culture change – build a culture fit for the future with the shared values, attributes, characteristics and behaviours that support your organisations goals.

Downloadable toolkits

These self-help toolkits provide the documents and tools to develop and facilitate your change programme.

Managing Change Toolkits

Flexible working & statutory requests toolkit

This is a self-help programme for organisations to be able to competently implement flexible working arrangements and support statutory requests. 

Changing terms & conditions toolkit

This toolkit is designed as a self-help programme for organisations to be able to competently implement changes to terms and conditions of employment. 

Homeworking toolkit

This is designed as a self-help programme for organisations to be able to competently implement homeworking arrangements and the support mechanisms to create a productive homeworking culture.  

Successfully managing change toolkit

This toolkit is designed as a self-help programme to support organisations to implement change programmes and support the workforce to adapt and embrace new ways of working.